Since founding in 1995, Khaled Alrajhi Holding has adopted a diversified investment strategy in areas of high value and quality. The Tomn for Trading group of casual and fine dining restaurants has been an excellent opportunity to recruit innovative partners and investors in a burgeoning consumer industry..

We are dedicated to offering the best products and the best franchise services, as well as building strong partnerships with our distributors and brands. While each of our restaurants may be individually tailored to a market, across the board we demand the same excellence and quality. Regardless of whether the customer is choosing a casual cup of tea or a fine dinner, we invest in places with a tailored sense of luxury that will leave customers planning their next visit.

Our vision, to establish the Tomn name as the foremost in outstanding dining, is always first on our minds. Each of our dedicated employees and partners work hard to embody our ideal of ethical corporate responsibility. Thank you for your continued interest and support.


Best Regards,
Eng. Khaled Alrajhi